Helping Campaigns, Find Donors

It is no secret, true Leftist struggle to fundraise, because true Leftist refuse to sell out. The team at Fund Left helps Leftist Candidates find donors to back their causes

Helping Campaigns:

Fund Left is here to supercharge your fundraising

Full donor history

Our lists come with detailed donor histories for every contact, giving you powerful intel before you call.

High Dollar Donors

We maintain a growing list of high dollar donors to help you max out your donations.

Call Time Support

Our team can provide full call time support for your campaign from list prep per session to coaching.

Powerful Dialer

Through our partnership with Kixie we are able to give you a powerful dialer to save you time.

Powerful Software

Our donation tracking software can help keep your data straight and you organized.

Digital Fundraising

Our team provides digital email fundraising support to drive additional donations.

Ethical list


Our list reflects our values. We care about who is on our lists. We make sure that none of our list have big oil, big pharma, or developers on it. We want to make sure that the people that you are calling are real and can support Leftist causes.

“The team at Fund Left drove $4,000 in fundraising in just one call time session”

Angelica Dueñas, Candidate for Congress CA-29

Helping progressive campaigns across the country

For a true Leftist agenda to be realized this has to be a national movement. Fund-Left is support candidates across the nation trying to drive the movement forward.

Let’s see if we can help

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